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It is a warehouse previously used to store grape and food by Greeks in the dooryard of TashMahal. This stone-structure which is at least same age with mansion is now used as a room with a suspended floor. Its door opens to that unique eagle-headed mosaic in the garden of TashMahal. Provence is one of the most liked rooms due to that fact that it is an independent structure, big and practical and fairly looks like a fable house. While the sitting room in down-stairs exhilarates you with the historical fireplace, the peaceful sleeping room in upstairs makes you sleep comfortably. People in Provence region of France used to store flowers, which they collected from the lavender fields, in such warehouses prior to preparing scent. These warehouses were high-ceiled and used to get limited sun-light not to affect flowers but had got well ventilation due to their round and high windows named as “pigeonary”. We call this room as “Provence” because of its similarities in terms of decoration and architecture.

Bed Type:Double or single two beds
Number of Persons: 2+1 (with extra bed)
Room Square: 40 M2
Other:An air conditioner, Mini-Bar, Shower, WC, Hair dryer, steel safe, Telephone, Internet,Fireplace