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You will see a pretty room that was named from the historical oven in it in the section used as a kitchen in the past and at the second floor of mansion, besides the oven will suprise you that: It later emerged that the real purpose of use of the space, deemed to be constructed as shovel place during restoration and just next to the oven, is later understood to be an effective heating channel which is primitive but also helps room to be heated through the hot air that forms around the chimney and is circulated throughout the room . This sweet surprise will lead you to the past and enables your stay to be nostalgic and makes you feel the life style of old times even shortly. Your room is 17m˛ and has got an air conditioner, mini-bar, WC and shower. There are additionally a hair dryer, steel safe and wireless internet connection in your room.

Bed Type:Double bed
Number of Persons: 2
Room Square: 20 M2
Other:An air conditioner, Mini-Bar, Shower, WC, Hair dryer, steel safe, Telephone, Internet